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How To Avoid Getting Suspended on Twitter


How To Avoid Getting Suspended on Twitter

Your most likely not innocent, I’m sorry to say.suspendednew How To Avoid Getting Suspended on Twitter

I want to help you figure out what you are doing wrong.

I’ve also experience trouble with Twitter as far as being suspended goes. At first I couldn’t figure out what in the heck was going on when my accounts kept getting shut down.

It was so annoying because it seemed like every time I got close to reaching a thousand twitter followers, they would shut me down!

But I did find out that I was participating in something I shouldn’t of been doing!

So, let’s go through a couple possibilities that could of resulted in your suspension!

Buying Followers on Twitter

I thought about heading over to a website selling followers a few times!

I know how tempting it can be to want to find quick ways get your following up, but Twitter knows when your followers increase to quickly.

One way they can tell is by the age of your account. If you just setup an account and get a thousand followers the same day, they know something is fishy. As your account ages, twitter will monitor it less! So if your going to buy followers, at least let your account age to around 6 months.

gettwitterfollowers How To Avoid Getting Suspended on Twitter

I get it, buying followers don’t cost much and it can be a fast solution. It’s just not safe at the end of the day.

And I don’t even think that the followers are even real? If they are fake, the only thing they would be good for is making you look good. But I’d rather them be real, wouldn’t you?

Mass Unfollowing

untitled How To Avoid Getting Suspended on TwitterYou think your slick, don’t you?

All you have to do is follow a bunch of people and then when they start following you back, unfollow them!

Twitter catches people doing this so easily and they will suspend you. They don’t condone that kind of behavior, it’s considered to bad by them.

I’ve tried doing this technique before, I’m not going to act like an angel!

If they don’t suspend you right away from doing this, just know that they will be putting your account on a watch list for suspicious activity so your account is going to be monitored more and you don’t want that.

You can get away with this as long as you take your time unfollowing people. I think you could get away with unfollowing at most 10 people a day.

Mass Following

It also goes vice versa, you can’t just follow a thousand people in a day.

Even I think something isn’t right about that. I suggest following only people that you like and not following them just for the chance of people following back.

Recommend Post: 5 Tools To Bulk Follow and Unfollow on Twitter

Are You a Trouble Maker?

Social media drama isn’t tolerated by twitter.

If someone notices that you are starting fights, they might report you. Get reported a certain amount of times will result in your account being suspended.

We’re trying to avoid getting suspended on twitter, so stay away from the drama


I’m sure you heard of team follow back, right?

All you have to do is posts tweets saying your team follow back. The more tweets you put out with the hash tag team follow back, the more followers you would get that day.

But when your posting 30 tweets a minute it looks suspicious and it’s considered spamming. At the same time I mentioned that when you get followers too fast Twitter knows something isn’t right. Just be careful


The best thing you can do is read up on Twitter’s policy. All I do for you is list the most common mistakes people make, but there are way more things you want to avoid doing.

I normally don’t read the rules, but Twitter is more strict than most social media websites so I advice that you get to reading. I’d hate for you to build a big account just for all you work to go to waste.

I actually been through like 5 accounts until I decided to figure out why all my accounts wouldn’t last 3 days. If you have any tips that you would like to share, please leave a comment below and help others avoid getting suspended on twitter.

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Email Processing Jobs: Are Email Processing Jobs Scams?

Email Processing Jobs Exposed

Email Processing Jobs: are they really legit or are they just a scam?

When you really find out what an email processing job is you probably aren’t going to be so pleased.

If you don’t know by now, people will do anything to make their work from home opportunities sound better then it really is. I think email processing jobs are prime example of the desperate lengths people will go.

Your probably think your going to be replying to emails for companies, right? It’s actual nothing like you think, trust me! I know of people who have got involved and they’ve provided me and others the inside scope on whats really going on.

GetPaid Email Processing Jobs: Are Email Processing Jobs Scams?

What is a Email Processing Job and How Does It Work?

 I’m going to walk you through the process of signing up and hopefully it helps you get an understand of how everything works. When someone recruits you, they will email you a kit that contains everything you need to get started. Once they have got you to sign up and emailed you, you are considered to be a processed email.

The kit they sent you should have promotional material to help you get sign ups.

“I don’t follow, Tomas” You might be thinking that there has to be more to this, but guess what there is nothing more to it. I actually don’t understand why people use systems like this, it just doesn’t make since! Email Processing Jobs are nothing but a system that was designed to make some quick and easy money.

Quick money normally always comes with consequences! Since there is no real product involved, this is basically considered to be a cash gifting which is actual illegal.

The Facts About Email Processing Companies

  1. There is no products, any person with common since should know that something is wrong with that.

The only thing you get are ads to post around on the internet! I’ll tell you this right now, it’s not as easy as posting ads on Facebook. I’ve been down that route before and it simply does not work!

I wish it was easy as posting ads! You cant really think your going to make thousands of dollars from posting copying and pasting? Money is never that easy, sorry! And plus, just think about how saturated this business is! I bet there are already so many people posting ads everyday, which is going to be some intense competition for you!

   2. You can’t find an email processing job without a registration fee.

If you could it would defeat the point of everything. Email processing jobs aren’t free to join for the simply fact they aren’t hosted by a company, they are by individuals like me and you. If they didn’t charge, they wouldn’t make any money.

The way the business works is you pay them through PayPal, then they email you marketing content which then considers you a processed email.

Email Processing Jobs Are Scams

I’m not going to lie, I almost joined once!

But I decided to do my own research and found out the truth. The best thing you can do is stay away and yell scam each time someone tries to promote this to you!

It’s true people have made money off of this, but the business is no good. They make the opportunity out to sound so professional, but it’s far from that! This isn’t a real job opportunity!

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Feeder Matrix Review: Turn $1.75 into $100,000

What is Feeder Matrix? My Official Review

Feeder Marix is a 4 by 4 forced matrix!


Welcome to my Feeder Matrix Review!

I had huge hopes for the Feeder Matrix.9eb20c11048813455251d8168df0deee Feeder Matrix Review: Turn $1.75 into $100,000

It’s mainly from the fact my neighbor recommend this program, so i thought it had to be something worth using it.

I admit that the low cost entry fee of $1.75 is appealing, but your probably not going to make $100,000 as advertised.

Becoming a member was a waste of my money. I literally received no type of value from the products that they were offering. The only thing that the opportunity had going was the income potential, but I quickly learned that Feeder Matrix is a bunch of hype.

Does Feeder Matrix Work or Is It a Scam?

I honestly don’t think feeder matrix works for the average person

Here’s why….

They talk big talk on how your going to make so much money, right?

But… When you get in there is no type of resources! Don’t expect any type of help getting referrals!

At the time of joining, I was a somewhat of a newb to the whole work from home scene. I had no idea on how to find willing people to join.

If you don’t know, your income is going to be based off your ability to get others to join. So I failed…

You’ll do the same if you don’t know how to promote online.

Feeder Matrix Products

Increasing your income potential requires you to upgrade your account. Each time you upgrade your account, you will unlock a new product.

Your paying for the products so that you can get the right to resell them, but the products you are selling could easily be found with a Google search for free.

Everyone knows the products suck, but they don’t care! It’s for the simple fact that the Feeder Matrix is designed as a get rich quick scheme and the only reasons why they have products is so that they can avoid conflict with the law. Without the low grade products, Feeder Matrix would just be a cash gifting.

The Compensation Plan: How Feeder Matrix Works

I agree the comp plan is very appealing, but as I expressed your not likely to ever make that much. The Feeder Matrix program offers nothing, but the dream of one day earning big.

Moreover, Feeder Matrix looks like a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are designed so that the people at the top make all the money and the people at the bottom make little to nothing.

You Don’t Want To Be Sold a Dream, Here’s My Input!

I always looked for opportunities that sounded good, but I never actual looked at what they had to offer and that’s what made me fail in the past.

You need to learn!

Learning is the best thing for you. Instead of joining every program that promises a million dollars, look for opportunities that promise to teach you something!

If you want to make it on the internet, you have to know how to reach out to the masses.

Most opportunities on the internet require you to sell, that’s just the cold truth!

Master the art of traffic generation and everything will change.

Wealthy Affiliate is a course everyone is using to learn how to make money online, writing about anything that they want and make money for it.

My passion is helping others make money online, so i write about making money online and get paid for it.

This blog gets lots of daily traffic everyday and the individuals who find this website are highly interested in what I’m talking about.

Concluding My Feeder Matrix Review

It’s time to wrap up this review

Truth is that they don’t provide training.

The products are worthless.

What is a complete newb going to do with an opportunity like this. A more experienced marketer probably could make this work, but why would you want to promote something to people that you know isn’t all that great. Yes, the have an incredible sounding compensation plan but the system just isn’t that great.

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My Cash Freebies Review: It Works, But….

Welcome To My My Cash Freebies Review

In this review, I will uncover the truth about My Cash Freebies.

My Cash Freebies is not a unique platform. In fact, it’s almost exactly like Zip Nada Zilch which is one of the more known freebie websites. I want to be as straight forward as possible in this review by saying I do know for sure that you don’t have to worry about being scammed. I just worry for people that aren’t educated on how to market online. You have to know how your going to recruit referrals, referring people is how your going to begin generating an income with My Cash Freebies.=

Getting involved is going to require you to already know how to get sign ups. I could of left that out and let you join, so I could earn an easy commission but I’m not like that. I was once a newb, so I understand the trouble you are going through and I’m not trying to make things worst for you.

So What is My Cash Freebies & How Does It Work?

GameStop wants to let more people know about the special offers that they have going on. In specific, they want more people to know you can try their service for free. You can help GameStop by getting people to try them out for free and get paid. My Cash Freebies has partnered up with GameStop and other companies and has given us a platform to earn money by basically advertising for companies.

You must first complete 1 credit worth of trials, then you gain the ability to refer others. When a referral signs up and completes their credit, you get paid anywhere from 10$-80. You never have to do any more trials once you get your credit.

The Potential of Using My Cash Freebies: Visual Proof My Cash Freebies Isn’t a Scam

My Cash Freebies has endless potential when you know what your doing, but without the basic knowledge of generating traffic you won’t make anything.

total-funnel-system-proof My Cash Freebies Review: It Works, But....

You can choose through a couple of different options for earning.

  1. FastTrack – I prefer fast track, it is the quickest to earn a credit and earns you 10 dollars per person.
  2. InTheBag– Know that as I progress through the payment options that the commissions gets better but it also means that your referrals will have to spend more time getting their credit so that you can get paid. In The Bag pays $15 for each individual you bring.
  3. Express – $2o per person
  4. Double – $30 every sign up
  5. FinePrint  – $40 per person
  6. Video – 60 per person
  7. Legal tender – $80 per person

Fast Track My Cash Freebies Is My Favorite

Signing up for fast track only took me a couple of minutes and I was ready to start earning! I only had to sign up for one trial and I never experienced any problems with being charged, so when my trial ended that was the end of that.

Screenshot-8 My Cash Freebies Review: It Works, But....

I never had to spend a cent, neither do you when signing up. They do have paid and free offers, but I want to make sure you know that there is enough free offers to never a have to spend money. The thing about the paid options is that you’ll earn your credit faster.

Just managing 10 people a day is 100 dollars, which comes out to 3,ooo a month!

Learning how to create a website will allow you to get massive traffic from people on Google. I know people that get thousands of visitors a day from blogging. Imagine what you could do with that traffic when promoting an opportunity such as My Cash Freebies. I could teach you what I know.

If you want to earn your credit as fast as possible, I’d complete the same offer I did as shown in the picture above.

Concluding My My Cash Freebies Review

Time to end this My Cash Freebies Review…

My Cash Freebies to me is free money. It’s an opportunity that is probably one of the more easier opportunities to promote. Most opportunities require you pay money to start and this doesn’t, so you can see how this could be appealing to lots of people. You just have to sign up and connect with me and I’ll do my best at teaching you the same techniques I use to get referrals and earn commission with My Cash Freebies.

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Rising Traffic Review: PTC Sites Never Last

Welcome to my Rising Traffic Review

Let’s get to my Rising Traffic Review!

I come to the conclusion that I will never have to deal with the issue of not knowing what to write about, there is rising-traffic-review Rising Traffic Review: PTC Sites Never Lastalways a new opportunity being released on the internet. The worst part of it all is that most of the program are the same, they just have a different name. I just wrote a blog post on Traffic Monsoon, which is a PTC just like Rising Traffic. I’m not a member of Rising Traffic, I actually don’t fool around with revenue sharing websites that pay you to clicks.

It’s because I look for certain things in an opportunity, but Rising Traffic and opportunities alike are lacking key things I want in an opportunity.

What is Rising Traffic?

All PTC programs are based around clicking ads, purchasing ad packs and getting referrals.

Buy an ad pack for 35, once it expires you’ll have 39.20. You can buy as many as ad packs as you wish. Purchasing ad packs will allow you to advertise your business inside Rising Traffic as well as earn money. How well the traffic works is unknown to me.

Ad packs is one way to earn money, then there is clicking ads which doesn’t make you much but is necessary that you do.

Finally we have referrals, which you need if you want to thrive in this opportunity.

Why Don’t I Fool With Traffic Rising and Programs Alike? Is It Because Sites Like Rising Traffic Are Scams?

I’m not about to scream scam.

My actual problem is reliability and lack of guidance.stay-away Rising Traffic Review: PTC Sites Never Last

I’ve heard horror stories of PTC sites opening and shutting down leaving people very upset and without their earnings. You don’t want to build an income just for it to come down. PTC sites shut down all the time.

Another problem is that Traffic Rising isn’t providing any good training. Most people don’t know how to get referrals.

Referrals is what brings in the most money! You get paid from clicks by your referrals and ad pack purchases.

If you can’t get them, there is no point of even joining. If you have lots of money to keep buying and maintaining ad packs, then you’ll be without referrals. Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to just invest, so we need referrals to help pay for ad packs so we can earn lots of money.

You can’t just buy one ad pack and your job is done, you have to buy a bunch of them and keep buying them because they expire after a certain time. I personally don’t feel comfortable promoting something that your probably will fail at. If I’m going to share something with you, it has to have top of the notch training. I’m just looking out for your best interest.

What I Personally Suggest Instead of Rising Traffic

I’d like to give you a big thanks for reading my Rising Traffic Review, but I’d also like to provide you some advice before ending this blog post.

I know that I’m going to hear that I created this website just to call every business bad so I can push my own agenda. Actually, I share cold facts about opportunities that people don’t want to hear.

logo-large-300x294 Rising Traffic Review: PTC Sites Never Last

I haven’t called Rising Traffic a scam, I just don’t think this is a beginner friendly opportunity.

I do have an opportunity that I recommend to people, which is Wealthy Affiliate for the simple fact that it works!

It has training on everything you need to know to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the mechanics of making money online, so you can be successful participating in opportunities such as Rising Traffic.

The reason why most people fail online is because they don’t know what they are doing. I advise you to get with Wealthy Affiliate to get educated and stop being lost. I literally spent years looking for a solution to start seeing success online and when I found Wealthy Affiliate everything changed.

I just want to help you stop failing and finally have some success. You probably have been at it for months trying to make money online, but everything that you have came across has just been a flop.


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Click 4 Surveys Review – Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?

Welcome To My Official Click 4 Surveys Review

So heres my click  4 surveys review…

Click 4 Surveys has it backwards. Normally businesses will pay you for your opinion, so why is this particular survey click-4-survey-main-300x202-300x202 Click 4 Surveys Review - Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?based program charging you? The excuse that they are probably using is that in order to sustain this opportunity for you they require you to pay some type of fee. I’m sorry, but I’m not going pay $34 to a survey website so that they can get my opinion, what sense does that make?

First of all, the only that they are doing is directing you to surveys companies. You could easily get on Google and find these companies yourself, it’ll take you only a few minutes.  Secondly, the expense for them to host the website is most likely no more then it cost me to host my website, which is $7.99 a month.  So why would anyone want to pay them?

I know exactly why, it’s because of the hype that they are trying to sell you on that is going to have you thinking your about to be making so much money. It’s definitely not going work out that way they have you thinking, survey sites don’t pay that well.

Is Click 4 Surveys A Scam?

I’m not just calling this program a scam without any real support, I’ve actually came across something really interesting that I found on another blog. So, I learned that the testimonials are fake. The owner has been buying fake reviews to entice users to join.

click-4-survey-fake-testimonials-600x354 Click 4 Surveys Review - Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?


Still not convinced, here’s the actual link to the stock image.

I have another shocking thing to show you.

click-4-survey-fake-testimonials-2-600x436 Click 4 Surveys Review - Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?Just with what I just shown you, I honestly don’t see why anyone would trust this program. They are tricking people into thinking that this opportunity is working wonders for people, but they aren’t actually providing real testimonials. The lesson that needs to be learned is that you cant trust reviews all the time, they can easily be faked. The bad part is that there is no real way to tell if the testimonials are fake, unless the business is sloppy at covering it’s tracks like Click 4 Surveys was when they bought these reviews.

Starting Your Journey Towards Failure:

Instead of you signing up and wasting your time, let me show you exactly how things will play out if you tried joining. You probably aren’t going to like what I have to write.

Step 1: The Trouble Begins

Click 4 Surveys is thirsty for money and they will be attempting yo get you involved with opportunities that have click-4-survey-auto-profit-replicator-fund-account-276x300 Click 4 Surveys Review - Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?nothing to do with surveys, which is Auto Profit Replicator. What this tells me is that they aren’t professional at all, I just hate when I’m going through a new money making opportunity and they try to sell things to me that has nothing to do with how they even promoted the opportunity to people.

Auto Profit Replicator has nothing to do with giving your opinions for money, it’s actual a trading software that apparently has the ability to help you open and close trades successfully. Trading is risky and usually never works out.

Moreover, your going to have to deposit at least $250 in an account to get started.

It sounds good when they do present Auto Profit Replicator to you, but your likely to lose out on money.

Step 2:  Getting To What You Came For “Surveys”

Looking at the picture below, I can see very known survey websites.

click-4-survey-survey-database Click 4 Surveys Review - Is Click 4 Surveys a Scam?

What I’ve heard is that when clicking on a survey, it simply refreshes the page never taking you to the survey that your trying to go to. Maybe It’s a glitch that has been fixed by now, but even if it was I wouldn’t join.

You don’t need Click 4 Surveys, you could join these survey websites directly for free and earn more. My guess is that they not only ask you to pay money to join, but they also are taking money out of each survey you complete and only giving you a fraction of what you should of really earned.

Concluding My Click 4 Surveys Review

I’m glad you made it to the end of my Click 4 Surveys Review….

Paying to take surveys is the most ridiculous thing ever, it does not make sense for you to pay to give your opinion. There are so many places such as Opinion outpost that pays you instead of you paying them. You can try Click 4 Surveys, but the last thing I heard was that they aren’t even working.

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Traffic Monsoon Review: The Owner Is Questionable!

Traffic Monsoon Review: What is Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is a revenue sharing website that you will learn all about in this review

I write for people who are struggling to be successful online, so my best advice on Traffic Monsoon is to find something else instead of this. I TrafficMonsoon Traffic Monsoon Review: The Owner Is Questionable!don’t have anything against this opportunity in specific, I’ve just learned that paid to click program aren’t very beginner friendly. It’s not that they are asking you to do anything that is too hard, it’s just that you aren’t likely to be super successful as a total newb to the work from home scene.

All there is to earning is clicking ads, why can’t someone new be successful? I definitely intend on letting you know, but let me help you understand this opportunity more.

How Does Traffic Monsoon Work?

For those of you that are looking to earn money, you will be viewing advertisements. You earn a small incentive in the form of money for each ad you take the time to view. Traffic Monsoon is able to pay you from the money they get from advertisers paying to get their ads Traffic Monsoon Review: The Owner Is Questionable!

It’s definitely an odd way for businesses to promote, I honestly don’t know well the traffic works for them. I just know that we can make some easy money, but it’s actually too good to be true.

You don’t earn much, that is the referrals.

How Much Money Can You Make With Traffic Moonson?

Most of the time your going to be earning anywhere from $1 a day, but that’s only if you purchase advertising packs. You get higher paying ads when you purchase ad packs.

Without buy ad packs, you must might get lucky if you make 10 cents that day. The real money isn’t in buying advertising or clicking ads, it’s all about getting referrals which can be hard if you don’t know much about marketing online.

Traffic Moonson doesn’t teach you how to do anything related to promotion. So if referrals are your best bet and you don’t know how to get

money-3-300x200 Traffic Monsoon Review: The Owner Is Questionable!
Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.

them, your going to be in a bad position.

Trust me, I been there. It sucks when you spend your money on an opportunity, just to be confused on how to get people on board with. You might be thinking “I’ll just talk to some family members”

Most of the time it doesn’t work and they won’t join. Instead your just going to have them telling you that it’s a scam. Unfortunately most people don’t think earning money online is real. That’s why you need to learn how to reach out to people who are interested in the same thing you are. There are ways to get in touch with thousands of people who are eager to hear about your product you want to promote.

Understanding What Your Signing Up For

 I don’t know much about the owner or his attention, what I do know is that he has owned passed programs that didn’t work out to great. I’ve heard something about him not paying his members on Infinity Bux.

I assume your trying to build a long term income stream, meaning that you do the work and it earns you for years to come. It’s a chance he might have the same problem he did with previous websites that he owned. He seems to be doing well with Traffic Monsoon so maybe he got his act together, just be careful is all I’m saying.

I just thought you would want to know some information like this, I personally don’t join opportunities if the owner has been known to have a bad past

Another thing you should know that If you have had bad experiences with selling products over the internet, your most likely going to fail at earning money with Traffic Monsoon. Your not going to make any real money simply clicking advertisements, your going to need to get people to sign up and buy advertising packs. You might not of learned what if takes to be successful at recruiting referrals and selling.

Concluding My Traffic Monsoon Review

You made it to the end of my Traffic Monsoon Review, so hopefully you learned what you needed to know.

I’m not being a hater, I’m down for anything that is working.

I’d use this program if it was my style.

Traffic Monsoon is actually legit and people actually earn money with it.

But I’m not going to promote something that is run by a questionable leader. I’d hate for you to get started with this program just for some shady things happen such as not getting paid or the service shutting down.

Paid to click programs are high risk, that’s just the fact of the matter and they normally don’t last long.

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Total Funnel System Review: Guilty By Association

Total Funnel System Review

I like Jon Mroz, but in this review I have to keep it real on this opportunity. So let’s move forward.

The Total Funnel System is old and no one really talks about itTotal-Funnel-System-Logo-300x92 Total Funnel System Review: Guilty By Association anymore, but Google’s Keyword tool shows that people are still Googling this free marketing system by Jon Mroz.

I want to get straight to the point, the Total Funnel System does a great job at doing all the selling and telling for you. The only problem that I have in particular is a product that the system helps you sell, which is Empower Network.

Empower Network is the most popular MLM scam right now. I’m not going to lie, I understand why this opportunity is hot. There is much earning potential, but signing up and using this program is illegal. Yes, Empower Network does generate income for people but they can get in trouble.

It depends on what state you live in, most states like the US deems Empower Network to be illegal. You might not get in trouble right away, but you definitely can.

The Total Funnel System Isn’t Completely Useless

You don’t have to sign up for Empower Network to use the Total Funnel System, they have other programs that be an income stream. For example, Fast Track My Cash Freebies is a program you can use to make money getting people to sign up for free trials.

You also have Pure Leverage which is an auto-responder you can sign up for to earn commissions. They have three products in total, the only one I’d avoid is Empower Network.

What is The Point of The Total Funnel System

The Total Funnel System was created to help you market Fast Track My Cash Freebies, Empower Network and Pure Leverage.

The Total Funnel System will do all the talking for you, basically doing all of the selling. All you really need to do is start sending traffic and let the system do all the work.

The real magic is in the auto-responder that you will be signing up for. Jon Mroz is going to share his email follow up series that he used to personally sponsors thousands which resulted thousands of dollars being made. Usually people don’t make decisions right away before spending money, so your auto-responder will send them emails everyday for 15 days enticing them to join. I’m not going to lie, the email series Jon Mroz came up with is really good. His email series is actually what actually enticed me into taking action.

Jon Mroz is a liar, he said the Total Funnel System is free?

He said that he would give you a way to get into business without spending a dime. First off, he is letting you use his marketing system for free that has helped him build a business worth thousands.Get-your-facts-straight-300x236 Total Funnel System Review: Guilty By Association

Moreover, the first step does not require a dime from you and gives you the ability to earn money. So what are people talking about?

The first step is based around a freebie website where people have to sign up for a couple of trials to earn one credit point. After that they can refer an infinite amount of people and earn 10$ per person who signs up.

Some trials cost, but there is more then enough free one’s to get your credit for free…

Signing up for the other programs such as Pure Leverage and Empower is optional for people that would like additional income streams.

Concluding My Total Funnel System Review

I have used this program before and I like it.

I just can’t agree with the using of Empower Network, so I quit using it after I found out the truth. How can I fully stand behind something that is partially legit, you know what I mean?

I can’t tell someone to join the Total Funnel System, then tell them that one of the products is illegal.

If I going to promote something, I want to completely stand behind it. That’s why I use Wealthy Affiliate, I love everything about the opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate is based around a completely legit way of earning money, which is affiliate marketing. I can make money selling products from places such as Walmart and Target, using the power of search engines and a website.

Wealthy Affiliate walks you through exactly what to do, without leaving out any crucial details. In fact, they have “hours of training content” to ensure your success.

Your not going to get rich overnight or anything. In fact, the most you probably will earn is an extra $3,000 a month or more if your willing to put the time into it.

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Motor Club of America (MCA) Review: Is Motor Club of America a Scam?

You don’t even have to actually pay for the services to promote Motor Club of America, that is just what they tell youMCA-logo-300x138 Motor Club of America (MCA) Review: Is Motor Club of America a Scam? so that you will join. The only reason why I know this is because someone told me in an attempt to help me out.

I had already heard of this opportunity plenty of times and everyone who promoted this to me made it seem as if I needed to spend money to start earning.

It’s time that I put an end to the lies, so I’m writing this post. I really don’t care who gets mad at me, I’m not going to let other people get lied to as I did.

I can’t blame Motor Club of America for it’s affiliates lying to people. If you ask me, I don’t think the business is a scam. The representative are making MCA look bad and I don’t like it all.

MCA Provides Really Nice Benefits.

They provide a legit service to people such as free towing, bails bonds, discounts on dental care and other things.8738906_orig-300x225 Motor Club of America (MCA) Review: Is Motor Club of America a Scam?

It’s the referral program that is making this opportunity look bad. You have people running around claiming to have made so much money, but they are really just making things sound good so that you will join. You might see videos of them standing next to half a million dollar car, but I bet they don’t even own them. It’s not hard to to take a picture next to a nice car. You guys might know Jeremy cash, he is a very known affiliate. I got a hold of some his training for MCA, and he was teaching his members how to fake it to you make. He told us to buy fake money and use it in our videos to entice people to join.

Not everyone in MCA is doing this crap, but a big majority of them are. I’m just not buying all the ridiculous income claims from the affiliates.

I don’t think MCA is a scam, I just don’t like what I see.

Motor Club of America Is Made Out To Be Easy.

People are going to tell you all day that they made so much money without hardly lifting a finger. I don’t buy that, money is never easy unless it’s from winning the lottery.

You have to work hard for money, regardless of what anyone else says. It’s not as easy as signing up and posting a couple of videos, there is a lot more to it then that.

But you would never know because they have you thinking its that easy. Now to compete with other Affiliate you have to hype things up just as much as them to have a chance at recruiting people. If you say that you only made 100 Dollars this month in sales, but everyone is saying they made a couple thousands they are going to go with the person who sounds more successful.

The problem is that the affiliates don’t know what they are doing a real marketer knows you don’t have to lie to make a sell. This isn’t there fault though, Motor Club of America probably should provided to help people.

Motor Club of America Provides No Type of Guidance

Your not going to learn any marketing techniques to help you promote, so hopefully the person you join with has 15389374-A-man-is-explaining-the-note-Stock-Photo-report-work-organization-300x225-300x225 Motor Club of America (MCA) Review: Is Motor Club of America a Scam?knowledge on getting sales. Hopefully they aren’t going to be try to teach you to stand next to cars you don’t own or show fake money in videos and pictures to make yourself look successful.

The worst case scenario is they might not provide you any help. I’ve had sponsors that hardly helped, it’s more common then you think. Some people don’t care about helping you earn, they are only concerned about making sells for themselves. That’s why I like the business that I’m in now, it comes with hours of content that teaches you to promote and make money in the most details possible.

I’ll tell you this now, if you don’t find someone who can help you with earning, your most likely going to  fail. You might think it is as as uploading a couple videos on YouTube and talking to people on Facebook, but there is way more to it then you think.

Concluding My Motor Club of America (MCA) Review

Your going to deal with some of the most ridiculous affiliates I have ever dealt with ever, they all lie and tell you it’s $40 to join and start earning. Really the only thing you have to do is go to the official site and signup for the affiliate program, which doesn’t cost a dime. Moreover, who is going to help you get sells? Since you know that you don’t have to pay sign up, you don’t have to go through anyone so your probably aren’t going to go through someone now. What are you going to do when you can’t make a sell, which is something that happens to most people that have never done anything like this before.

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How Do I Get My Website on Google?

You want to be found in the way that you found me, which is through Google. It’s actually really easy getting your website indexed and showing up in the search results. When considering the fact that you searched up this blog post, your probably are unaware of everything that comes with trying to get your website showing up in Google.five-quick-ways-to-get-a-new-website-indexed-by-google-300x86 How Do I Get My Website on Google?

It’s easy to get your website indexed, but your work isn’t going to done after that.

You have to learn what it takes to create a website that Google loves. Where your site shows up in the search results will be determined by an algorithm.

Starting out your website will be ranking so low that most people will never find your website. So how does one raise their search engine rankings?

It took me about a whole year to learn what it takes and it would be hard for me to explain everything in one sitting.

Before you submit your website to Google, which can be done here I want you to finish this reading.

Even though I can’t personally teach you everything, there is a online course that is really popular and has helped many people create websites that not only get included in Google, but get ranked high.

The course also teaches you how to make money off all of the traffic your likely to start receiving after they are done teaching you.

I Am Recommending You To Wealthy Affiliate Because…

You could do some research on how to rank high in Google, but there is so much garbage floating around that you have to be careful.

When learning how to rank my website, there was people showing me methods that I didn’t know at the time where deemed bad by Google. You have to be real careful with who you listen to. There are people who participate in bad practices that Google frowns upon, which is known as Black Hat SEO.

SEO is simply short for search engine optimization. Black Hat SEO might rank your website high for awhile but Google always find the people who are tying to do bad things to manipulate there rankings.

You want to learn about White Hat SEO. See you wouldn’t of known nothing about this if I wouldn’t of told you, which probably could resulted in your website being black listed. If Google finds out your trying to game the system, it will remove you permanently from the search results.

Wealthy Affiliate Teaches You Good SEO

Wealthy Affiliate has taught complete newbies how to create websites that generate thousands of visitors a day by harnessing the power of search engines.

image827 How Do I Get My Website on Google?

The have everything you need to know in one convenient place.

Your going to have hours and hours of video content walking you through everything you need to know. They are going to teach you about keyword research which is basically learning how to find out exactly what people are searching when they are getting on Google. Also, they teach you how to create quality content. You can’t publish any article and expect it do well.

I’m not even going to get into it all because there is much. Wealthy Affiliate is going to do more then teach you how to get your website on Google, they are going to ensure that your successfully at creating a website that gets massive traffic and earns money.


If you didn’t catch the link I added for submitting your website, here is again. Please note that they probably aren’t going to add your website right away. Give it at least 24 hours. You don’t have to, but I’d very much like for you to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.